About Us

So, KINGSKIN.ORG is CS: GO skins raffle
The scheme of the draw: participants deposits their skins (CS: GO in-game skins) to KINGSKIN.org. Each skin has its price and exterior which is shown on the "Deposit" page. As soon as our system collected required amount of skins or if game time is over, raffle is begins and random winner will be selected. Winner will get all skins from current game! The higher amount and prices of your items, the more chances you have to win.
But on KINGSKIN.ORG you can win jackpot event you deposited skin for 1 cent! Dare!
How it works:
  1. You confirms your participation in game.
  2. Then you depositing items to KINGSKIN.ORG *
  3. Our system will rate all skins you have deposited and will process it. For each cent of skin price you will get 1 point (1 USD = 100 points). Your chances to win is more higher if you depositing more items.
  4. Raffle can be started in two ways:
    • when system collected 50 skins;
    • if game time (2 minutes = 120 seconds) is over
  5. System will randomly select the winner.
  6. Winner will receive all items from current game.
  7. We take some commission from each winning (10%) which is needed for supporting our service.